Aly Poepke

Social Media Strategist

Art and creativity have always been a driving force in Aly’s life and career. She graduated from University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point with a BA in Media Studies and minor in International Studies. Before graduating in 2013, Aly completed a photography internship abroad in London, England with the London Cycling Campaign, which ignited a craving for a creative career.

Since joining PMG, Aly has loved the creativity and innovation involved in supporting clients’ social media goals. She feels honored to speak through each of their brands to authentically reach their audience and create impact in their industry.

Having recently made the move from Wisconsin to Iowa, she lives in the small rural town of Decorah. A true introvert, Aly thoroughly enjoys her alone time reading, crocheting, or listening to a good true crime podcast, but also loves spending time with her boyfriend, hiking, kayaking, or exploring the local food and drink.

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”



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