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Tell Your Story in 2022

Words can tell a great brand story but at PMG we believe that what takes the story to the next level are visual assets. A truly developed brand in 2022 needs to be visual, interactive, and unique to distinguish itself from the competition. One of the first steps towards presenting the best version of your brand is utilizing professional photography and videography across all channels where you reach your audiences.

PMG produces “professional production shoots” to capture photography and videography for your brand. For each project, we walk you through every step of the process to ensure we are getting the right content for the business. We engage our network of professional photographers and videographers to help tell your story while you focus on your business.

Why Do A Production Shoot?

The key to communicating your brand to your audience is having the right assets for the right channel. A website or Instagram profile full of iPhone pictures isn’t enough to catch your audience’s eye or perform well on these growing platforms. Professional photography and videography are often the elements your business needs to elevate your marketing, social media, and website presence.

The team at PMG is uniquely suited to provide your business with the best production shoot due to our backgrounds in television news, marketing, design, and social media. As marketing professionals, we value strong business positioning and strategic outreach. As content creators, we also value creativity and visual appeal in everything we do. This combination of skills ensures you’re creating the best possible content to stand out in your market.

“Partnering with Pence Media Group has been a tremendous experience.  Nicole and her team are experts in brand awareness, website design and public relations. They played a pivotal role in the launch of the new DL Lowry Salon location. Working with Pence Media Group has been extremely beneficial to the growth of my business. I am extremely excited to move forward with PMG in 2022.”

—David Lowry, Owner, DL Lowry Salon

Whether you’re rebranding, launching, or just trying to stay on your customers’ radar, professional imagery is sure to stop the scroll and catch someone’s attention.

Preparing for a Production Shoot

There are many different forms of imagery that PMG is able to produce for you: company overview and social media videos, headshots, product demos, service overviews, team photos. Not sure where to start? That’s where PMG comes in.

PMG will work with you and your business to determine the best assets for your audience and mission. Through an initial comprehensive marketing and social media assessment, PMG can understand and evaluate your unique opportunities. Since we are capable of producing content that works on all channels, you’re able to customize your production shoot to meet your needs.

From there, we create a production planning document that outlines the timeline, deliverables, detailed shot lists, video scripts, props, instructions for talent and visual inspiration to ensure everyone is on the same page.

“Before PMG, we felt like our love, effort, and value to our community were not being communicated. Everything PMG’s team produced was thorough, aesthetically pleasing, and spot-on to our target market. They listened to what our business needed, and I can now say that we are proud to share our brand.”

—Casey Wright, Owner, Wright’s 360° Movement Academy

What To Expect

When you arrive at your shoot, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and prepared to create the best content possible. With our professional photographers and videographers, we’ll walk through the plan and agenda for the day with you.

“Thanks to PMG we now have these incredible emotionally charged visuals now used on our website, sales materials and social media. We also have a gorgeous brand video that PMG orchestrated and the video really brings our brand and product to life.”

—Brittany Hizer, Co-Founder, Pluie

Depending on the extent of your deliverables, a typical PMG production shoot can last anywhere from a few hours to spanning over a couple of days. Of course, you’ll be working alongside us the whole time to oversee everything that’s happening.

After the shoot, our professionals will edit and share all of your images and videos with you. You’re able to request edits and suggestions to make sure we get it right.

From there, we’ll help you strategically implement the content onto your website, social media profiles, and advertising efforts to elevate your brand instantly.

Check out more of the videos we’ve created for our clients here:

#ConsiderItDone with PMG in 2022

Building a brand is a complex, arduous process that requires more than just stellar social media and PR. Set your business up for success with beautiful imagery and professional videography to get your message across the right way.

Whatever your needs may be, PMG is eager to learn more about your organization and support your goals. Contact us to set up a discovery call and Consider it done.

Nicole is a 4-time Emmy Award winner with more than a decade of experience as a journalist, communications, and social media expert. As a proud Hoosier, Nicole grew up in Columbus, Indiana. She graduated Cum Laude from DePauw University and also earned a Master’s of Public Affairs from SPEA at IUPUI. Nicole lives in Carmel with her husband Jason and sons Andrew, Colin, and Matthew and Luke.

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