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Team Deck + Pence Media Group

Team Deck is a real estate innovator. With a progressive approach to real estate, Team Deck is the premier real estate agency in Carmel, Indiana, and one of the top agencies in Central Indiana. The real estate company was founded by Mike Deck, who built Team Deck’s brand with a strong community focus, servicing the Carmel, Westfield, Zionsville, Noblesville and Fishers communities. Mike asked PMG to produce content that showcased this strong community focus while highlighting his approachable, knowledgeable, and experienced team. 

Team Deck’s main goal was to use the final photos and videos to demonstrate their strong community focus within golf course communities in the surrounding area, including The Bridgewater Club, Chatham Hills, and Holliday Farms. These assets aimed to serve as readily available content for Mike and his team to easily share with their relocation clients through Team Deck’s Vimeo profile. Team Deck also wanted to utilize these assets to refresh their website, social media platforms, marketing materials, media pitching, and more.

With this information, our team worked to create and execute a strategic Production Shoot outline, catered to specifically fulfill Team Deck’s big-picture needs.

Individualizing a PMG Production Shoot

When clients come to PMG for our Production Shoot services, our team first meets with the client to collect all of the necessary details regarding the shoot. This step is crucial in ensuring our team has a direct vision for the final product. Once a clear direction is given from the client, our team begins creating a client-specific Production Shoot outline. This document covers everything from the client’s mission and background information to the location of the shoot, and a detailed videography and photography shot list. Our team also includes a mood board to showcase suggested wardrobe attire and potential shot visuals. PMG does this for each of our clients undergoing a PMG Production Shoot so that the client can get a better understanding of how the final product should look and feel.

For Team Deck’s individualized PMG Production Shoot document, we outlined the style as approachable yet sophisticated, clean, crisp, and polished, all while demonstrating the confidence, experience, and friendliness of Team Deck. This helps the client further understand the overall direction of their upcoming PMG Production Shoot. 

After a production shoot document is created, our team delivers this formal document to our client to confirm final details. Once confirmed, PMG reaches out to our preferred photographers and videographers within the PMG network, sending along the detailed Production Shoot outline to see who best fits the needs of our client. Production Shoot outlines are seen as roadmaps for the photographer and videographer to follow in order to end with the client’s desired final product. PMG brought videographer Adam Allen of Fierce Little Bird Productions and photographer Jennifer Driscoll in for this Team Deck production shoot.

Executing Team Deck’s PMG Production Shoot

When it comes time to execute a PMG Production Shoot, our team packs up and heads on the road to be on-site for the shoot. Our team arrives prepared for the day by printing multiple copies of our Production Shoot Outline, ensuring we stay on schedule and capture all of the assets discussed with the client.

Team Deck’s PMG Production Shoot took place over the span of two days, allowing one day to be dedicated to capturing photography and one day for capturing videography. 

The first day consisted of securing updated headshots for team members. PMG captured headshots in multiple styles, including tight, bust, whole-body vertical, corporate, casual + friendly, full color, and black + white shots, to provide the client with multiple headshot options. During our headshot session, our team captured updated team shots. The styles of these group shots included capturing assets in a vertical orientation, horizontal orientation, tight crops, loose composition (to allow for text overlay), corporate, casual + friendly, lifestyle, neighborhood features, and new construction shots.


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The second day of the shoot was all about securing community-focused videography with Mike Deck. Our team shot an updated Team Deck Brand Video (UVP-focused) along with three community-focused videos, which were narrated by Mike Deck. PMG scripted these narrations ahead of time to ensure the shoot ran smoothly and on schedule. These videos also required professional b-roll elements of all three golf course communities, where Mike Deck acted as the talent to accurately showcase the community’s amenities. PMG ended our last day of filming by securing authentic client testimonials with Mike’s real-life clients. These success stories aimed to accurately show Team Deck’s real estate expertise.

Team Deck: Brand Overview

Team Deck: Brand Overview from Pence Media Group on Vimeo.

Team Deck Community: The Bridgewater Club

Team Deck Community: The Bridgewater Club from Pence Media Group on Vimeo.

Team Deck Community: Chatham Hills

Team Deck Community: Chatham Hills from Pence Media Group on Vimeo.

Team Deck Community: Holliday Farms

Team Deck Community: Holliday Farms from Pence Media Group on Vimeo.

The Importance of Strong Visuals

PMG understands the importance of substantial visual assets in promoting a business. According to Hubspot, “developing a strong visual identity comes with a number of benefits. It helps create an emotional connection with customers, which leads 57% of customers to increase spending. Consistent visuals unify a brand’s messaging, so people instantly recognize the company across all channels.”  Professionally produced photos and videos allow your brand’s story to be seen and understood from the outside looking in, leading to an increase in potential business opportunities. The vendors we approach for production shoots understand this, properly sharing our client’s story with the world.

PMG’s Experience in Media Production

Clients like Team Deck can feel comfortable coming to us for production shoot needs, given our solid foundational background in media production. PMG Owner Nicole Pence Becker and PMG public relations manager Katie Kiel worked in television news. Additionally, Nicole is a 4-time Emmy Award winning storyteller. Their production experience ensures that our clients can trust our team of media experts to convey brand stories in an accurate, concise, and creative way.

PMG is also proud to say that we are a three-time Telly Award-winning agency

The Telly Awards showcase the best work and projects created within television or video for all screens. This year’s winners were selected from 11,000+ entries from all 50 states and five continents. The winners include a variety of top-tier brands and smaller media companies such as ViacomCBS, Warner Bros., and ESPN. Pence Media Group is incredibly proud to stand beside some of the world’s leading corporations for this honor.

#Consideritdone with PMG in 2023 

Pence Media Group is a detail-oriented, Telly-award-winning consultancy that can take your brand to the next level with a PMG Production Shoot. If you or your business is in search of evergreen photo and video assets, we can help. Let our team help tell your story. Consider it done.

As Pence Media Group’s Strategic Account Manager, Emily Sullivan helps create strategic value for PMG clients. Emily graduated from IUPUI with a major in journalism and communications, with a focus in Public Relations.

Author | Emily Sullivan

Strategic Account Manager


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