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Wright’s 360º Movement Academy + Pence Media Group

In April of 2021, Wright’s 360º Movement Academy joined forces with our team to further develop their brand. Since the initial partnership began three years ago, Wright’s 360º Movement Academy has grown exponentially. Most recently, Wright’s 360º Movement Academy was named to the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Fast 25 list. 

PMG is thrilled to have helped Wright’s Gymnastics over the past three years with a multitude of deliverables completed within a PMG Comprehensive Digital Transformation (CDT), including brand development, activation, and promotion. We are honored that our combined efforts have landed Wright’s 360° as an IBJ Fast 25 growing company. 

Wright’s Gymnastics is home to NinjaZone and Kids 360º Early Learning Academy. Since 1975 the Wright’s brand has kept kids moving in innovative and unique ways and we’ve been thrilled to perpetuate that mission from the beginning.

PMG’s Grassroots Strategist, Jennifer Bostrom, has led the charge for all things Wright’s 360º Movement Academy, NinjaZone, and Kids 360º Early Learning Academy. Here’s what Casey Wright, Owner of Wright’s 360º Movement Academy, had to say about the continued partnership between PMG + Wright’s:

“We ultimately chose to work with PMG because of the pride they take with each client. Everything their team produced was thorough, aesthetically pleasing, and spot-on to our target market. Overall, having an expert on your side is worth every penny. PMG listened to what our business needed, and I can now say that we are proud to share our brand.”

-Casey Wright, Owner of Wright’s 360° Movement Academy

To celebrate Wright’s amazing recent accomplishments, we’ve decided to journey back and showcase our part in setting Wright’s 360º up for success.




Comprehensive Digital Transformation


To bring Wright’s vibrant, exciting brand to life, PMG conducted a Comprehensive Digital Transformation at the start of our partnership. We went from the ground up, just like the 35,000 square-foot new facility Wright’s had under construction at the time which later launched in 2022.Together, we developed an updated brand and visual brand concepts to make the new facility more recognizable and distinct. Find some of these deliverables below that PMG provided to engage the Wright’s 360º Movement Academy audience.

Brand Overview Video

Logo Development


When Wright’s 360° decided to launch Kids 360º Early Learning Academy, a new and one-of-a-kind academic preschool housed inside Wright’s 360°, we developed a unique but complimentary brand for Kids 360° Early Learning Academy to stand out in the competitive early childhood education market. Once the brand was developed, we partnered with videographer, Michael Durr, and photographer, Ashley Wittmer, to capture evergreen assets to support this specific branch of  Wright’s 360º, which was the Kids 360º brand. The brand overview video went on to win a silver 2022 MUSE Creative Award for children’s video.

Brand Overview Video



Asset Development


Grassroots Marketing

Wright’s Gymnastics owner, Casey Wright, developed NinjaZone as the first ninja gymnastics program in the country in 2015, which has grown into a globally-recognized company and has licensed more than 300 programs around the world. 

In 2022, NinjaZone engaged PMG in creating an evergreen brochure to educate more business owners about how to start their own NinjaZone programs. With this goal in mind, PMG created an eight-page brochure for NinjaZone to encourage gym owners to “Level Up [Their] Business!” Once printed, the brochures were presented at a conference and as a result, 12 meetings were scheduled with YMCA owners who were interested in starting their own programs and are continuing to be used as a marketing asset. PMG was proud to win a PRSA Award of Honor in the printed communications category for this project in 2022. 

Public Relations

Throughout our three-year partnership, PMG has garnered several earned media pieces for Wright’s 360°which helped ramp up excitement for events such as NinjaCon, the opening of the new Wright’s 360º facility in 2022, and the launch of the Kids 360º Early Learning Preschool. At PMG, we are proud to develop key messages that get our clients in front of their target audiences.

#Consideritdone with PMG! 

We’re honored to accompany our amazing clients in their successes. With expertise in branding, web, digital, content creation, and public relations, Pence Media Group would be honored to partner with your business to elevate your brand! Consider it done.

Jennifer joins PMG with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals through effective communication and community connection. An avid reader, runner, and nature-lover, Jeni enjoys exploring Indianapolis with her husband and two children.

Author | Jennifer Bostrom

Grassroots Strategist


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