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Why Influencer Marketing Matters

“A Brand Is No Longer What We Tell The Consumer It Is — It Is What Consumers Tell Each Other It Is.” — Scott Cook

In the past year, 81% of consumers embraced influencer marketing (MarketingDive). At PMG, we believe influencer collaborations are an ideal and creative way to get your business in front of a target audience. We work with influencers to create compelling campaigns and manage those campaigns to ensure maximum audience reach while adhering to our client’s brand. Our influencer marketing efforts have seen great success in the last two years, and this blog is dedicated to highlighting our greatest wins in influencer marketing.



Future Farmers of America

For the 95th National FFA Convention & Expo, our team created and managed an influencer campaign that involved recruiting talent from across the nation to promote the convention. 

Upon engaging in FFA’s Influencer Marketing initiative, our team first strategically analyzed our community of local and national influencers. This involved evaluating which influencers best showcased brand affinity with the National FFA organization. Once a thorough and targeted list was developed, PMG began influencer outreach.

After influencers agreed to collaborate on the convention, PMG provided general content and timeline guidelines for their partnership with the brand. Influencer campaign management looks drastically different based upon the client’s objectives. In the case of this campaign, PMG was on-site working with each influencer throughout the week to aid in content strategy and creation to ensure the National FFA convention would receive the best possible coverage on the partner’s social media platforms.

For this influencer campaign, our visual report reflected an overall follower reach of 15,426,527, meaning this many individuals saw at least one piece of National FFA content on their social media feed during convention week.


@fanchonstinger                                            @farmer.froberg
PMG strategically  worked with leading influencers in the agricultural industry to help create promotional content such as reels for the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis.

Sugar Factory

When we worked with Sugar Factory for the launch of its Indianapolis restaurant, we activated our community of local Indianapolis influencers to promote and engage with the new Sugar Factory location. PMG built out a detailed outreach strategy to invite guests to the “Instagrammable” grand opening event which included tapping into our influencer database and creating messaging content and graphics for their use. As a result, the total VIP guest follower reach on Instagram alone was more than 1.2 million followers. PMG also created an influencer content recap document for our client to easily view all of  the exposure they received from PMG’s influencer engagement tactics. These tactics allow Sugar Factory to share its unique new location with an expansive audience that trusts the endorsements of the influencers they follow.


Among the influencer attendees, we were joined by local celebrities, professional athletes, on-air personalities and, pictured here, IndyCar driver Conor Daly.


For sweetgreen, our team created and managed an influencer strategy that involved inviting our local network of influencers to attend restaurant preview dines and we also developed customized campaigns.

When PMG manages any influencer campaign, we track and report measurable results so the client can understand ROI and campaign effectiveness. Through PMG’s influencer outreach and campaign management, sweetgreen had a reach of 2.3 mil+ follower accounts.


 @bethchappo      @tkanaan + @laurenbkanaan    @indywithkids    @wheresmikeg
Through inviting a mix of influencers to attend influencer dines at the various sweetgreen locations, sweetgreen was promoted on a range of platforms to engage its target audience.


DL Lowry Salon

For client DL Lowry Salon, we helped execute an exclusive influencer event on Galentine’s Day. With thirteen influencers in attendance, DL Lowry received coverage from accounts that have followers aligned with the salon’s target audience. Each influencer was asked to post several stories from the event, as well as one static post or reel. Influencers were given the option of three varying service offerings, hair treatment + style, a facial + hair, or hair + a makeup touch up. By laying the foundation for an upscale and individualized salon experience, influencers had the environment necessary to create promotional content. At the conclusion of the event, the combined follower reach was 177,497 followers.



When Slapfish opened a new location in Fishers, our team strategically planned an influencer dine the night before the restaurant opened its doors for business. With an emphasis on crafting a variety of influencers to invite to the dine, the guest list consisted of mothers, foodies, nearby residents and more. Each influencer was able to bring one guest to the dine and given the opportunity to explore the menu and enjoy its offerings. The influencer dine garnered a follower reach of 472,596 accounts.

@wanderingwestfield                        @bougiexfoodie                           @sierrainthecity
Other than simple guidelines, each influencer had free creative agency as to how they hoped to promote the new Slapfish location to their followers. This allowed for the influencer’s  personality to shine, leading to a more authentic post.

Influencer Marketing with PMG 

If you or your business is in search of excellent Influencer Marketing services, we can help. Pence Media Group utilizes our extensive network to your advantage so that your business gets in front of the right set of eyes. Our sincere influencer relationships paired with our strategic outreach process can help your brand garner the attention it deserves through the power of influence. Consider it done.

Nicole is a 4-time Emmy Award winner with more than a decade of experience as a journalist, communications, and social media expert. As a proud Hoosier, Nicole grew up in Columbus, Indiana. She graduated Cum Laude from DePauw University and also earned a Master’s of Public Affairs from SPEA at IUPUI. Nicole lives in Carmel with her husband Jason and sons Andrew, Colin, Matthew and Luke.

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