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The small but mighty logo

It’s easy to consider a logo a minor element of your business or something that can be executed quickly and easily. However, a logo is the visual rendition of a brand and oftentimes the first thing a customer sees when they interact with your business. An effective logo makes an excellent first impression and builds brand recognition and loyalty throughout the customer journey. In addition, it communicates your brand values and mission without having to speak a word.

Before we begin…

The most important part of a logo is that it accurately represents you and your business. We prioritize this from the beginning by starting the logo design process with a brand discovery session with your stakeholders.

Some of the questions we ask include:

  • Why are we doing this rebrand project at this time?
  • What are your company’s core values?
  • Top 5 words that describe your company:
  • Do you expect to continue with your current color palette? Are you open to new or evolved colors?
  • What do you intend the shelf life of this logo to be? (i.e., Is it everlasting or one that needs to be refreshed to stay up to date with your industry?)

Asking these questions and talking through the answers with you allows us to better understand how we can meet and exceed your needs. From here, it’s essential to work with you to get a sense of what you like visually. This can all combine into one overarching mood board and includes:

  • Color palettes
  • Shapes
  • Fonts
  • Sizes
  • Example logos you like
  • Example logos you dislike

The design

We take a careful, iterative approach to our designs to provide you with the best work possible. The PMG designer network treats every detail with the care your business deserves.

“We ultimately chose to work with PMG because of the pride they take with each client. Everything their team produced was thorough, aesthetically pleasing, and spot-on to our target market. Overall, having an expert on your side is worth every penny. PMG listened to what our business needed, and I can now say that we are proud to share our brand.”

-Casey Wright, Owner of Wright’s 360° Movement Academy

At PMG, we are very intentional with even the smallest of design nuances. Something like a font variant or color difference might not seem to make a difference, but we know everything makes a difference when it comes to telling your brand’s story. It’s important to us that every last pixel of your logo represents your brand accurately.

Here are some of our font and color strategies for DL Lowry’s logo development:

Our designer will provide you with many options for a first round of feedback to get a sense of the direction. After that, we want to hear all your thoughts so that we can build something perfect for you and your business.  

Executing A New Brand

Once we’ve worked with you to fine-tune the perfect logo, we make sure to provide you with all the assets you may need. This includes sending you the logo in various file formats, colors, shapes, sizes and guidelines to ensure it is used properly.

Here is an example of some of the brand guidelines for Chariot Automotive Group:

Your new logo becomes a symbol for your business and can easily be implemented into your website, social media, blogs, storefronts, swag, and more. Therefore, it’s vital to widely share the new logo and build instant brand recognition with your audience.

Consider it done with PMG.

A logo is just one small part of your brand. A true brand identity requires authentic messaging, professional assets, strategic marketing plans, and more. Brands have to be agile and intentional to adapt to today’s dynamic business environment – but you don’t have to do it alone. PMG’s collective experience and expertise equip us with all the tools needed to accomplish a comprehensive digital transformation for your business. Work with us and watch your business evolve. Consider it done.

Nicole is a 4-time Emmy Award winner with more than a decade of experience as a journalist, communications, and social media expert. As a proud Hoosier, Nicole grew up in Columbus, Indiana. She graduated Cum Laude from DePauw University and also earned a Master’s of Public Affairs from SPEA at IUPUI. Nicole lives in Carmel with her husband Jason and sons Andrew, Colin, and Matthew and Luke.

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