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In a world where businesses are craving consumer attention more than ever before, standing out from the competition is critical. Pence Media Group (PMG) has mastered the art of leveraging innovative marketing strategies to elevate our client’s brands and drive business success. In this blog, we delve into some of PMG’s most effective marketing strategies that have made a difference for our clients.

Storytelling that Resonates

One of Pence Media Group’s key marketing strategies is the art of storytelling. By creating compelling narratives around our clients’ brands, we forge a powerful connection between the brand and the target audience. By integrating relatable stories into their marketing campaigns, PMG ensures that the messaging resonates with consumers on an emotional level, ultimately increasing brand awareness and loyalty.

One form of storytelling that PMG excels in is video production. In 2023, we were honored with 10 Telly Awards. Below is the bronze Telly award-winning video we produced for our client Class 101. Class 101 helps students and families prepare for college, connecting with students as early as their freshman year of high school to help plan for the future. This video utilizes real world examples, making the video relatable to Class 101’s target audience.



PMG partner and videographer Michael Durr supported the photo and video production shoot on-location at Class 101 in Carmel. As a result of the day’s efforts, Class 101 was able to secure compelling still pictures and video imagery to use on social media and their digital assets, including the website.  Class 101 Carmel continues to perform as a top franchise location in the country with PMG’s monthly marketing + communications support for the last four years.


Data-Driven Insights

Pence Media Group understands that a successful marketing strategy relies on understanding your target audience. By utilizing data-driven insights, we can craft targeted campaigns that truly speak to your audience’s needs and preferences. This approach enables PMG to optimize our campaigns, ensuring we achieve the desired results for our clients.

For example, when PMG activates our influencer database for campaigns, we pay close attention to the engagement levels and personal brand of the influencers we plan to engage with. In turn, our campaigns are backed with data to document the successes of events. When Slapfish opened a new location in Fishers, our team strategically planned an influencer dinner event the night before the restaurant opened its doors for business. With an emphasis on inviting a variety of influencers to the event, the guest list consisted of foodies, mothers with young families, people who live close to the new location and more. Each influencer was able to bring one guest and given the opportunity to explore the menu and enjoy its offerings. The influencer event garnered an organic follower reach of 472,596 accounts which helped create a successful grand opening campaign and Slapfish exceeded their revenue goals for opening weekend.

Creative, Consistent Content Production

Content is king in the world of digital marketing, and Pence Media Group excels in producing high-quality, engaging content. Our team of skilled + seasoned creative marketing professionals, including designers, writers, and multimedia experts, work collaboratively to develop captivating content that effectively communicates our client’s brand message. This can range from eye-catching graphics to thought-provoking blogs, all tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

For nearly three years, PMG has been the on-going media and marketing partner for DL Lowry Salon, which means our team manages all content for the brand, including blogs, social media, website content, public relations and more. Our PMG team works to secure updated photo + video assets on a regular basis, which can then be utilized in a variety of ways, something the salon’s owner appreciates.


“Partnering with Pence Media Group has been a tremendous experience. Nicole and her team are experts in brand awareness, website design and public relations. They played a pivotal role in the launch of the new DL Lowry Salon location. Working with Pence Media Group has been extremely beneficial to the growth of my business. I am extremely excited to move forward with PMG in 2023.”

David Lowry

Owner + Stylist, DL Lowry Salon

Social Media Management

Social media has become an indispensable marketing tool, and Pence Media Group knows how to harness its power. By creating and curating content that encourages engagement, we build a strong online presence for our clients. By analyzing data from social media platforms, PMG is able to refine our strategies, ensuring that our client’s social media presence aligns with their overall brand goals.

Throughout the duration of the 95th Annual National FFA Convention and Expo in Indianapolis, PMG captured photo and video content to be utilized on the National FFA Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. This set the team up for comprehensive event coverage and storytelling opportunities to reach far beyond those in attendance. Our team of social media experts, including Strategic Account Manager, Emily Sullivan, captured, edited, and posted multiple reels and static posts each day. The engagement strategy was carefully created to optimize follower engagement that would lead to greater reach by FFA’s target audience. 

From the time PMG took over the National FFA social media channels to the conclusion of the convention, Instagram impressions increased 93.6%, profile engagement increased 53.6%, and profile views increased over 420%. National FFA’s Facebook account received 2,761,569 impressions throughout the week, and profile engagement increased by 202.6% in comparison to the week prior. Engagement growth was seen on LinkedIn and Twitter as well.

In 2023, PMG was honored with a Silver MUSE Creative Award in the Social Media Live Event category, as well as an Award of Honor at this year’s Hoosier PRSA Pinnacle Awards Program. These awards recognize our ability to promote such a large-scale event on social media with more than 60K participants. PMG is proud to continue supporting FFA in 2023.

#Consideritdone with PMG! 

Pence Media Group’s winning formula combines storytelling, data-driven insights, creative content production, and social media management to deliver exceptional results for our clients. With PMG’s expertise, your business can confidently navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and achieve marketing success. Consider it done.

Nicole has more than 15 years of experience as a journalist, communications, media production, social media, and public relations expert. Nicole founded Pence Media Group in 2017 to bring together experts to build brands + tell stories. Nicole has won 4 Emmy Awards as a broadcast journalist, 13 Telly Awards as an executive producer, 6 MUSE Awards as a creative director and 3 PRSA Pinnacle Awards as a public relations + marketing expert. Nicole lives in Carmel with her husband Jason Becker and their sons. 

Author | Nicole Pence Becker



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