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Event Execution is No Walk in the Park

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that nothing beats the excitement of an in-person experience. A successful event can help you launch a new product, engage potential new audiences, or establish yourself in a community. This doesn’t change the fact that sometimes event planning and execution comes down to a myriad of details going just right to ensure a smooth outcome. With all the work you put into your business, you should be able to celebrate it without hours of extra stress. 

The PMG team can help you execute an event efficiently and ensure you achieve your marketing goals.

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Investing in Events

There are many reasons why you should host a strategically planned business event or celebration to engage with your target audience. If you’re on the fence about whether it’s worth it, let’s break down key benefits that events can bring to your business.

1. Reach your target audience
Events are the perfect place to connect with and build relationships with your target audience. In-person experiences also create an opportunity to get to know your customers and establish the trust that keeps them talking about and coming back to you.

2. Increase brand awareness
Once you successfully build your brand, it’s time to go out and share it with the world. An event or celebration is an opportunity to showcase your brand and create a form of engagement that other marketing channels cannot achieve.

3. Launch a new product or brand
If you’re launching a new product, service, or brand, an event creates a platform to build excitement around it that your audience can share in through a well-planned experience.

4. Enjoy PR Wins
PR is a key tactic to reach new audiences, and an event or celebration is the perfect time to invite the media to learn about and share your story. Depending on your event, print, digital, or broadcast media can all be extremely valuable outlets. Influencers and people who are active on social media can also generate new posts and word-of-mouth interest.

4 Wins You Can Expect When You Work with PMG

PMG has the resources you need to execute a memorable and successful event. By keeping your brand at the forefront, we can amplify your business through assets and experiences that attendees will remember and share.

“Nicole and her team go above and beyond and we are so honored to call PMG part of our team. From the grand opening, to social media, to earned media, PMG has guided us through it all, promoting our brand in a positive light and allowing us to grow in our community.”

—Lauren Weghorst, Owner, Slapfish

The planning check-list you need to complete for a successful event can feel endless. Here are a few event aspects that PMG can take off your list.

1. Pre-planning logistics
The PMG team’s experience in event management and television is perfect to make sure your event runs smoothly. We can provide you with a run-of-show agenda, talking points, scripts, and more so you know everything you need to do. Plus, let us handle the heavy-lifting to make sure your decorations, catering and entertainment are up to par and on-brand.

2. On-site management
Nobody wants to spend their own celebration running around organizing things and stressing over the agenda. PMG is ready to be there at your event to advocate for your business and make sure your event is a success. Our organized team members can run point with the hosts, caterers, and press so you can focus on your customers and team. Whether it’s keeping the agenda on schedule or taking photos, PMG will be by your side.

3. Brand assets
It’s crucial that your event or celebration aligns with your brand visually. From t-shirts to posters to social media promotions, PMG’s team of expert designers and marketers will create the perfect assets to bring your brand to life. Sometimes it’s the small touches that make a difference, and PMG prides itself on our attention to detail.


Sophia's Bridal event with balloons

We can also engage our network of professional photographers and videographers to capture your event through strong visual assets you can share for years to come.

4. Media coverage

A well-executed event deserves to be shared well beyond those who enjoyed it first-hand. PMG can engage our strong network of print, broadcast and digital journalists to tell your story and amplify your brand. We will make sure to get the right press for you to meet your event and business goals.

Wright's ground breaking event

Let Us Help You Tell Your Story

It’s no secret that event execution takes a lot of work. PMG’s unique background and network positions us to handle the details while you focus on celebrating your business. Consider it done.

Andrea graduated from DePauw University with a major in Communications and is skilled in brand development and strategy, event management, media relations, media buying, and building relationships. She brings an amazing skillset and field experience to PMG and enjoys mapping out both the big picture and finest details that take a project to the next level.

Author | Andrea Kleymeyer

Communications Strategist


Let Pence Media Group’s team of experts build your brand and tell your story while you focus on your business.