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Integrity Learning Center + Pence Media Group

Integrity Learning Center is a Pediatric Learning Center located in Plainfield, Indiana. In their own words, Integrity “offers an inclusive, child-centered environment where kids learn through interactive play, positive reinforcement, and having fun!” However, when Integrity reached out to our team about utilizing our services, their content did not fully reflect the message they had the potential to convey.

The mission was to create a brand for Integrity that represented its inclusive and welcoming environment while showcasing Integrity’s professionalism and expertise in the pediatric therapy field. 

Integrity’s service offerings include ABA, Speech, and Pediatric therapies. Voted onto the Chamber’s list of best places to work in 2022, Integrity has an excellent work environment where they pride themselves on crafting a culture where employees and patients alike are appreciated, causing them to thrive. Our team of experts saw the brand potential Integrity Learning Center possessed. So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work refreshing Integrity’s brand. 


Brand Refresh

Think of a company’s brand as the foundation of a house. When the foundation of a home is rooted and firm, the house is stronger. The same is true for a brand– a strong foundation sets a business up for success for years to come. Most of the time, companies know what they want their brand to say and stand for but aren’t sure how to build it. It’s like putting together a machine without any instructions– it is easy to get lost. All the necessary materials are there, but there is no road map guiding the process. That’s where PMG comes in. 

The first step in the PMG brand refresh process is to have a brand discovery session with our client. Our team digs deep to learn everything we can about a company, getting to the root of who the company is and what they are trying to accomplish with our services. After a client answers a series of interview questions, our team gets to work molding the content of a brand to reflect the desired message our team heard and received in the discovery session. In Integrity’s case, they wanted to highlight the inclusive and friendly, yet professional and experienced pediatric therapy center that they are. 

When one thinks about a brand, oftentimes, elements such as logos and colors immediately come to mind. While these are crucial to a company’s brand, written and verbal content is the backbone of a company. The messaging sets the tone for how the world understands a brand through listening and reading. Our PMG team worked hard on the Integrity Learning Center brand messaging, giving it just the update it needed to succeed.


Logo Development

Once brand messaging was finalized, logo assets, a color palette, and fonts were developed by bringing in expert graphic designer + PMG consultant Lindsay Hadley. To create a child-like feel, our team curated a vibrant, wide-ranging color palette, complete with animal graphics for a youthful feel. In terms of font, our team decided upon Barlow Bold and Century Schoolbook– both fonts that give off a professional yet friendly vibe.

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With Integrity’s brand messaging and visual content finalized, our team created  brand guidelines to ensure brand cohesiveness and consistency in using the newly crafted brand assets. The brand guidelines are a point of reference for each member of Integrity Learning Center to look at when writing, speaking, or posting about Integrity Learning Center. 

Our team at Pence Media Group knows that a business’s brand must tell an authentic story that connects with their target consumer and leaves them wanting more. With a stronger, more established brand for Integrity Learning Center now created, it was time to implement the changes made to the brand on Integrity’s website.


Website Update

“A website is a window through which your business says hello to the world.” – Claire Connor

Brand guidelines are crucial for a company internally. They outline a business’s who, what, when, and how. Although brand guidelines are used daily in some capacity internally, customers don’t see a brand guide directly, and they only see the brand once it has been executed. Perhaps the website is the first place one goes to gain a sense of who a company is. It was time for Integrity Learning Center’s website to mirror the refreshed brand we had created. 

Our team wrote new website copy and rethought how Integrity’s brand could be visually represented on the website, complete with Integrity’s beautiful new branded colors, fonts, and logos. Considering a company’s website is “a window through which your business says hello to the world,” it was crucial that Integrity Learning Center’s website was a reflection of the playful and compassionate learning environment that they provide for children who require ABA, speech, or pediatric therapy. By including the animal icons, the vibrant color palette, and the new messaging, the Integrity Learning Center website now exudes professionalism and comfortability to parents trying to navigate life with a child needing pediatric care.

Social Media Facelift + Execution

“Social media marketing is about creating content that brings your audience together as a community and inspiring conversations while increasing your brand’s awareness.” Krystal Wu, Social Media Community Manager

There is a reason why social media is considered a valuable form of communication in today’s society– it speaks volumes to the consumer about a business. While the first step in researching a business is still the Google search bar, social media has become another layer in which audiences can gain a sense of the company they are pondering partnering with. Like any part of a brand, a social media page echoes your business’s who, what and why. Something as simple as logo placement on a social post’s graphic can affect how followers, or anyone who stumbles on the page, for that matter, receives the message.

Prior to partnering with Integrity, the type of content being shared was excellent. However, the way the content was presented needed some updating. With Integrity’s brand wholly refreshed, it was time to implement those changes on Integrity’s Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.              

Our team began by creating a Social Media Facelift draft for the Integrity Learning Center team to review. This comprehensive facelift included everything from profile picture suggestions to potential bios to implement. PMG also crafted personalized social media templates that highlight their new brand and visual assets. 

Social media is yet another opportunity for businesses to interact with their target audience, and at Pence Media Group, we understand how to make that happen. For Integrity’s social accounts, we aimed to reach and engage with parents, teachers, or other family members of a child who needs quality therapy. The social media templates were created with this target audience in mind and included a content mix of helpful information, team member highlights, employee testimonials, and community events. 

After one month of PMG managing Integrity’s social media channels, their account engagement increased by 384.5% on Facebook, 478% on Instagram, and 513.3% on LinkedIn. Considering these numbers,  Integrity Learning Center’s team decided to continue with our social media creation and execution services. Managing social channels, engaging with a target audience, and optimizing posting schedules are all tasks businesses spend hours on–precious time and energy that could be better spent engaging in their business. At Pence Media Group, we make platforms a priority. With our continued partnership, Integrity Learning Center’s social media has continued to grow and reflect the refreshed brand we created for them.

#Consideritdone with PMG in 2023 

Whether you’re branding or rebranding, PMG can help. Our team at Pence Media Group uses our skills, knowledge, and expertise to set you apart from the crowd. From website updates to social media creation and execution, our experts have you covered. Consider it done. 

Nicole is a 4-time Emmy Award winner with more than a decade of experience as a journalist, communications, and social media expert. As a proud Hoosier, Nicole grew up in Columbus, Indiana. She graduated Cum Laude from DePauw University and also earned a Master’s of Public Affairs from SPEA at IUPUI. Nicole lives in Carmel with her husband Jason and sons Andrew, Colin, Matthew and Luke.

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