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What does it mean to obtain brand visibility and awareness?

Being raised during the peak of a growing digital age, my technological education could be summed up by four words, “The internet lives forever”. I was taught, similarly to a majority of us, learning to be weary of everything that I posted. This is great advice for a young child, but as you grow into a business centric adult, you find that the longevity of the internet can actually be a positive asset. If used correctly, this tool can be a strong force when it comes to discussing your company’s brand visibility. Knowing that your online media does not have a shelf life, you can remain confident that your content will remain visible for years to come.

Further, brand visibility represents the importance and power that an online presence can garner. Think of it as an earned public recognition that, in turn, creates a favorable reputation for your company’s name and brand. By actively participating and engaging online, this brand visibility will reward you, and your team, with company growth.

Building successful brand visibility is not going to happen without it being accompanied by some old-fashioned hard work and strategy. Even if your business has obtained a high digital marketing visibility, the brand and business must live up to the claims and assurances it made online. If your company fails to do so, all of your hard work, in gaining better brand visibility, will diminish. If you succeed, your organization will stay high in the search engine rankings and your business will continue to flourish online.

Brand visibility and awareness are great first steps into the world of marketing and are absolutely crucial to the art of growing and keeping happy clients.

The benefits of brand visibility and awareness

Crafting brand visibility takes time and is not always the easiest of tactics. Plus, building your brand must be done in the right order — PMG refers to this as intentional sequencing. And, here are three reasons why your company or business can benefit by crafting a strong brand identity:

1. Increases your Grassroots Marketing Naturally. The highest level of awareness your business can receive is being someone’s first choice. If a loyal client’s friend asks for a recommendation for a service or product that you offer, and you come to their mind first, this can showcase the success of your brand’s visibility. The friend who got that great recommendation for your business will most likely follow through, and then the cycle will repeat itself. This form of grassroots marketing is a hands-free way of receiving newly referred clients consistently.

2. Builds Client Loyalty + Recognition. Having strong brand visibility, across all platforms, works to build better, long-lasting relationships with your clients and other businesses. If a client or business recognizes your brand, they are more likely to choose your product or service over another.

3. Ensures that you Keep your Brand Above your Competitors. To keep it simple, the more your business interacts positively, on the internet, the higher your name will be located in a potential client’s search engines. This is not an opportunity that you want to miss out on!

How to start digitally marketing your brand

Start by taking a close look at and identifying your target audience. You will want to curate digital content, specifically for your niche group. Follow this by making sure your business has an active and cohesive presence on all web-based platforms. Then, begin utilizing your company’s web presence to the fullest extent by pumping out brand-specific content. We all have to start somewhere! Again, PMG refers to this as intentional sequencing — doing the right stuff, in the right order is important for brand visibility and consistency.

Research your target niche group. After talking internally with your team members and coming up with a niche group for your business, start researching what types of web platforms they use most frequently. Where will you need to post to ensure that your target audience will see it?

Create a cohesive brand across all web platforms. Design a visually appealing feed, for each of your platforms, that coexists well with one another. From there, you will want to make sure all the branding, colors and fonts are the same. You will want to make the content consistent across all feeds, but not identical. Focus on creating cohesion between all of your content for easy brand recognition and visibility.

Frequently release brand-specific content. If your content is not brand specific, then why would your target audience want to read it? Making sure you are producing engaging and brand-relatable content is key in the growth and success of your business. You will want to produce this content as frequently as possible to connect your audience to the brand consistently.

Experts in brand strategy and asset creation

Pence Media Group can help. Increasing brand awareness takes a village. We can give you the pieces you need, to get the job done. PMG has all the right creative professionals in our network to create evergreen assets for your brand. Website design, logos, graphics? We got you covered. Consider it done.


As Pence Media Group’s Strategic Account Coordinator, Emily Sullivan helps create strategic value for PMG clients. Emily graduated from IUPUI with a major in journalism and communications, with a focus in Public Relations.

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