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It’s nearly impossible to scroll through Instagram or browse the web anymore without encountering some digital ads along the way. You may not notice them – sometimes they’re so targeted or integrated that they blend right in – but they’re there.

How is digital advertising different than traditional advertising?

The beauty of digital advertising is the ability to hyper-target prospective customers in real-time with relevant content across different channels. Whether it’s pay-per-click paid search, social media, website retargeting, or pre-roll video, these ads become extremely relevant and targeted towards specific users so that you can maximize their effectiveness. In many cases, they have become their own form of content, blending in and existing throughout the digital landscape and engaging users.

Another big difference is the measurable data and precision that accompanies digital advertising. Since you aren’t buying a static ad (like in a magazine or on a billboard), you have the ability to specify target customer segments you want to reach and easily track the effectiveness of different ads in doing so. Since you can target and track your efforts, digital advertising can be a highly efficient and effective way to advertise. 

Why do you need digital advertising?

If your business isn’t optimizing your online presence, you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to generate new leads, convert buyers, and expand reach. Digital ads leverage the power of sites like Google, Instagram, and YouTube that millions of people are using every single day.

Google reports that there are over 3.5 billion searches conducted every day. And Hootsuite shared there are now more than 4.5 billion social media users.

Google also revealed that 92% of these users performing Google searches will choose businesses found on the first SERP (search engine results page). So, if your business isn’t investing in paid search, search engine optimization, and Google My Business to land on that first page, you could be missing out on a huge audience of potential customers who are interested in your product or service.

Take PMG client Something Splendid for example. This gorgeous high-end gift box company invested in a retail pay-per-click campaign to drive more shoppers to their website and convert more sales. PMG had a true understanding of their brand and its unique value in the marketplace and used that knowledge to develop relevant and engaging ad copy. The campaign delivered impressive results, as demonstrated by a 464.45% retail campaign ROI (based on an assumed $75 average gift box purchase) and:

  • A CTR (click through rate) that was 105.58% higher than industry average
  • A Cost Per Conversion that was 4.27% less than industry average
  • A Retail Campaign Conversion that was 169.58% higher than industry average

How can Pence Media Group help?

If there is one thing we know for certain about the digital world, it’s that it is always changing. And changing fast. As HubSpot says, “new platforms, ad types, and targeting capabilities are popping up all the time.” And you’re left trying to keep up with it all while still running your business. That’s where PMG comes in.

A lot of knowledge and research goes into building effective campaigns. Digital advertising is most effective when you develop strategic ad designs that effectively communicate the brand and understand how to optimize ads on the various digital platforms. That’s not even to mention having access to the right technology to deliver the ads.

PMG works hard to understand our clients’ brands and has invested in Google Certified technology so we can help you use the tools your business needs to succeed. A Google Partner has met requirements and achieved certifications set by Google and has proven sustained customer service. PMG helps our clients reach new customers through paid search and search engine optimization, social media ads, website retargeting, YouTube video ads, conquest email campaigns, and more.

PMG works with you to curate the best strategy for your business and give you the numbers to show it. Tell us your needs and watch PMG meet and exceed them. Consider it done.


With 15 years of experience elevating brands through strategic marketing and communications, Lisa brings to PMG a passion for helping organizations do incredible work in their communities, tell their stories, and grow their impact. Outside of the office, you’ll find Lisa seeking adventures big and small with her husband and their three kids.

Author | Lisa Wallace

PR + Marketing Strategist


Let Pence Media Group’s team of experts build your brand and tell your story while you focus on your business.